Public security management solutions

The traditional identity recognition technology with password as characteristic has been increasingly difficult to meet the needs of anti-terrorist, criminal investigation, security defense and other aspects. Only establish effective crisis warning and disposal plan by scientific means, and formulate effective warning and emergency management measures to public security problems timely, rapidly, effectively and intuitively, meanwhile, it can break through traditional command and scheduling models to let administrator can motivate resources rapidly and effectively, grasp risk control and other problems in crisis management process, which has become the urgent issue in current construction of public security system. Iris recognition technology, as the main means to solve this problem, is getting more and more widely attention. Now, Beijing IrisKing Co., Ltd. launches public security solutions to make identity recognition become accurate, efficient and simple so as to strive for “zero risk” of public security according to the requirements of public security field.

Iris recognition mobile terminal solutions

Mobile intelligent terminal has become the key attack target of criminals along with the rapid growth of mobile payment users and the security of mobile payment shall become the primary consideration in customer experience of payment product. The application of iris recognition technology in payment identity authentication will solve the contradiction between usability and security in payment process effectively. The biometrics technology and industrial combination will become new engine of economic growth along with the climax of booming of “internet +” and artificial intelligence technology. Biometrics has portability, safety and reliability, difficult counterfeit and other characteristics, which is becoming the effective technological means to solve information security and payment security of intelligent terminal.

Iris identity recognition solutions in finance and bank fields

At present, the identity authentication method based on card and password has wide application in bank industry, while these technologies realize identity authentication via a card, which has easy loss, counterfeit, replacement and other security vulnerabilities. The financial solution launched by Beijing IrisKing Co., Ltd. makes identity authentication become more accurate, efficient and simpler. It helps financial enterprise to improve security of customer services and customer satisfaction, meanwhile, it can bring brand-new business transformation to accelerate the development, on demand and innovative business mode of financial enterprise.

Iris recognition access control solutions

Iris, as the most accurate and stable biometrics, is an ideal selection of access control system. Iris recognition access control system has high recognition rate, safe, convenient, healthy and rapid use by comparison with other relative biometrics technologies. The iris recognition access control system of Beijing IrisKing Co., Ltd. has been applied to some troop of People’s Liberation Army General Staff Department stationed in Chengde, National Electrical Apparatus Testing Center of Suzhou Electrical Apparatus Science Research Institute, Administration Information Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Information Center of Nanjing Telecommunications Office, Luxi Chemical Co., Ltd. and other units. The Head Office of Bank of Beijing and Guang’anmen, Baishiqiao, Xidan and other branches adopted the iris recognition access control system for treasury developed by Beijing IrisKing Co., Ltd. successively. 。

Mine personnel iris recognition safety management and monitoring system

Mine personnel iris recognition technology has abundant application and eight features help mine enterprise build intelligent, modern and human mine: well-entering personnel information statistics, positioning review of underground mining personnel, leader well-entering management, personnel attendance management, personnel information management, patrol management of underground mining personnel, meal preparation management for underground mining and mine information release management. Mine personnel iris recognition safety management and monitoring system has been applied to hundreds of mine enterprises in China successfully, including China National Gold Group Corporation, Shenhua Group Co., Ltd., China National Coal Group Corporation, Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. and other extra large-sized coal enterprises, which obtained excellent effect in the practical application.